Building 429 Releases Holiday EP, HOPE IS HERE, Nov. 20

Building 429 Releases Holiday EP, HOPE IS HERE, Nov. 20

Project Features Three New Recordings,Offering Hope And Joy With Each Anthem
3 November 2020 – Nashville, TN – On November 20, GRAMMY®-nominated band Building 429 will release their new Christmas project, Hope Is Here. Continuing the band’s tradition of delivering big songs with big emotion, the three-song EP offers a full choir and orchestra, heralding the traditional spirit of Christmas and seamlessly moving from reverence to joy. Produced by Riley Friesen, the three new recordings include “Infinite Glory,” “Mary Sweet Mary,” and the title track, “Hope Is Here (Do Not Fear)” featuring Gotee Records’ artist Terrian.
“Whatever your last year has looked like I hope this project will remind you…hope is here,” explains Building 429 frontman and vocalist Jason Roy, who co-wrote two of the EP’s songs. “The first lines out of my mouth on this EP are so true to where we are at this moment. I desperately wanted to build a project that was so big, so full of joy, so classic that it would instantly take the listener to a different place and time, where peace and joy were the prevailing thoughts. So to that end, we literally recorded a full string section with horns and a huge choir and brought in one of my favorite artists, Terrian, and shot for the moon. I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished. The three songs are our best Christmas work to date, and for the first time, I feel that we have nailed the timeless tradition and wonder of Christmas in the form of music.”

Both “Infinite Glory” and “Hope Is Here (Do Not Fear) feat. Terrian” are releasing to radio for the Christmas season. The group will also be headlining the Building 429 Christmas tour, which kicks off December 5th.



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