‘Black women matter’ or Who inspires Women?

‘Black women matter’ or Who inspires Women?

Black lives matter! Our fight for the rights of black people will never stop. We still have a dream and every day our brothers and sisters make it come closer. The world will soon realise the true meaning all humans are born equal. The principles of our movement resonate worldwide, largely inspired by encouraging black people who are spreading the message of love and kindness to all people regardless of their skin color or nation. And a great inspiration is being shared by black women.

We give birth and bring life to this world, and every single life is precious and just as important as any other. We set the fire in the eyes of the black men! We give hope to black women all over the world. We are proud of black women who influence today not just our country, but the entire planet! We are also honored to have Kamala Harris, governor of California and the first ever Vice President of America. We are very proud of Michelle Obama, the incredible first lady 2009-2017 who has conquered our hearts. «When they fall, we rise!» – that is forever in my heart! This is why we are proud to have Stanford University Professor, Condoleezza Rice, who served as State Secretary from 2005 to 2009. More than anyone, these women have proved what black individuals can achieve in this unfair and unjust world.

They succeeded in making their Names known all over the world. They enjoy respect and love whilst some are even scared of their authority and true power. They are empowering me with self-confidence that I will reach any goal in my life! Among the glorious black women who have achieved a great success there are Oprah Winfrey, Stacey Abrams, Rosa Parks, Beyonce, Venus and Serena Williams, Lizzo, Tarana Burke, RiRi, Janet Mock, Viola Davis, Allyson Felix, Tamron Hall, Gayle King, Ari Melenciano and many others, actually the list is endless! We all know these names, these ladies and many more inspire us.

I was surprised to learn that outside the U.S. many of these names only evoke the question ” Who is this?”.  So I thought it would be a great idea to compile a rating of the most inspiring black women among non-Americans to provide the global support and inspire more women. For that I created a special kind of Form, and I sent it to several of my Facebook friends asking them to distribute it to women who live on other continents. The form included several questions like ‘who is inspiring you and why’. Also, I asked to share a link to the Facebook profile of the respondent. I expected that in the ‘top of the popularity’ there would be politicians and singers, as well as actresses. At the beginning, it was this way. I am not to reveal the final result yet, please, wait for the project to be officially released! This will be tremendous!

But over time I started getting quite unexpected answers, one of which shocked me. A certain model from Russia wrote she was inspired by Robin Givens. I was surprised not by Robin herself, but rather for a reason which the Russian model had claimed. ‘Robin Givens was able to rob Mike Tyson and peel him like a potato as well as to destroy the most influential black man ever!’ Having decided it was some kind of a lame joke, I reached out to that Russian lady in Facebook to satisfy my curiosity and suggested chatting to find out the details of her choice.

Robin Givens and Mike Tyson

The Russian girl’s name is Ivanka. We agreed that I would not share her photo and family name, so she told me her story. How surprised I was to know that this was absolutely no joke. Ivanka just dreams of moving to the U.S., getting married to a rich American and taking money from him, the more the better. In response to ‘how’ she was going to do it, and what Robin had to do with it, Ivanka said that she had read a book that ‘professionally revealed’ the details of Mike Tyson’s robbery, and that Robin Givens played one of the main roles in that financial robbery saga.  The book is in Russian only, since its author is a criminologist from Ukraine Oleg Maltsev, who has already been studying the ‘Mike Tyson phenomenon’ for more than 5 years, so the book itself is a meticulous investigation and the true story of Tyson’s fall and ‘genius’ robbery of Mike for $1 billion.  It was this very robbery that inspired Ivanka.  Sadly, this book by Oleg Maltsev, in contrast to others about Tyson, was only published in Russian, and I could not read it, but I felt shocked by Ivanka’s story.

I am very proud of black women like Rosa Parks, the inspirer of the Black Civil Rights Movement, who has changed so many things in our great country, and I’m ashamed of women like Robin Givens, who by destroying the ‘Iron Mike’ brings inspiration to lowlifes like Ivanka. I struggle to pick the right words to express the feelings I experienced that night. I do not seek to pick the right words to tolerate such women as Givens, who are defaming all black women by creating the misleading, false image of our movement! But this is exactly what is happening now!

Robin Givens exposed the entire nation, the very idea of our movement in the most awful way. The only thing I cannot figure out is why am I so ashamed of her? We are the hostages of public opinion, and I am very ashamed that this woman is part of our movement. Outside the United States, the black women are already associated with her actions.

Well, what about Desiree Washington? Ivanka claimed that Desiree was not raped, and Mike was deliberately imprisoned for 3 years, having being morally and psychologically ruined. ‘Naturally, all this was arranged!’ – Ivanka messaged me that way. Right after the interview with Ivanka, I googled these stories and analysed differently the words Mike said in the trial as well as the situation in general. Not surprisingly, through her attorneys Robin Givens banned mentioning her name in a new autobiographical film, featuring Jamie Fox (he will impersonate Mike Tyson).

To conclude, I would like to declare that as a black woman, like the entire global community, I condemn such actions. Over the years of our history, we have witnessed the ongoing struggle of women for their rights, for their survival and freedom. We have earned respect and dignity through hard work and blood. And those like Robin Givens or Desiree Washington are literally a stigma and a ‘white disgrace’ to us.

Once the messaging with Ivanka was over, I got interested in reading the “The Swaying Scene», indeed. I hope the book will be translated into English so that I can find out the details of this dramatic story and share my feedback with you.

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