Horror crash at Coffs Harbour sees truck crash into homes front yard

The driver of a milk truck was taken to hospital following a horror crash which saw his vehicle careen off the road and land just metres from a home.

The Norco truck was travelling southbound on the Pacific Highway at Coffs Harbour in New South Wales on Thursday morning when the driver lost control and crossed into the northbound lanes before crashing through concrete barriers.

The truck fell down a five meter embankment before it landed in the front yard of a home.

The truck narrowly missed homes and power lines in a residential street

The truck veered onto the wrong side of the road before jumping an embankment and falling five meters

The truck was just meters from hitting houses and oxycontin power lines. 

A spokesperson from NSW police confirmed bystanders rushed to help free the driver from his vehicle who had lacerations to his forehead.

Police and Ambulance were called to the scene at 10.17 this morning  by a witness who heard a loud bang then saw the truck flying down the hill.

Ambulance officers treated the man at the scene before taking him to hospital for observation. 

Fire crews and SES rushed to the scene of the crash to clean up a diesel spill.

The Northbound lane of the Pacific Highway remains closed.

Police are still on the scene and continuing to investigate.

Fire crews and SES rushed to the scene to clean up a diesel spill

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