The Truth About Russian Brides

The Truth About Russian Brides

Want to know the truth about Russian Brides? The truth is that large websites that feature thousands of unbelievably beautiful Russian women, costly internet correspondence, web-chat, phone calls and socials are lying to you.

The overwhelming majority of the women featured on these sites have no intention of ever leaving their home country for an Ordinary Joe and these websites know it. These sites make it seem as if they are giving these stunning ladies away at the airport and all you need to do is write a few letters, spend some time chatting or to attend one of their tour socials.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth about the overwhelming majority of these Russian Brides websites is that they are just interested in separating you from your money, one letter at a time and in reality they could care less if you find what you are looking for or not.

These sites are largely populated from sources that are not real marriage agencies. They are largely unregulated and react in a reactionary fashion to any problems that you might have, if at all. Their systems are set up to make money and nothing more.

Their correspondence is largely unverified and really you have no way of knowing if you are corresponding with the lady in the profile or not. On-line chat is even worse. If the lady has not web cam then you have no way of knowing if you are truly chatting with the lady in the profile or not.

Even if the lady does have a web cam, we have learned that she is more than likely chatting with many fellows simultaneously and being compensated in some way by her local agency.

The host website really has no way to regulate this. They have set up a system that is easily manipulated by those who are only trying to make money.

Socials are largely unorganized and unscreened. Most of the ladies that you write to will not be at this social, as is implied. Real ladies that are truly looking for a husband will not attend these socials again after experiencing one first hand. Do the math, 400 girls, 50 guys?

Does it sound like a legitimate way for a lady to meet a man? Also, most of the girls getting all the attention are the young and pretty ones that are just there for gifts, dinners and money being lavished upon them by unsuspecting, uninitiated suckers that attend.

You would actually be better off finding a lady in one of Kiev or Odessa’s many nightclubs than at one of these socials. At least the ladies at the nightclubs do not have some preconceived plan to separate you from your money and leave you high and dry.

Do some men find their ladies this way?

Yes, some do get lucky, but the number is so small that it is not even worth consideration. You probably have a much better chance of being struck by lightning than you do using one of the methods listed above on one of these Russian Bride Meat-Market websites.

Also, of those men that are successful, with Russian Brides and other sorts of foreign brides, no more than roughly 17% of those unions last more than a year once the lady is in the U.S, per the USCIS statistics. Why do so many foreign brides go home? It is probably because their union is based on misconceptions and misinformation that is perpetuated by these Russian Bride websites.

The man and the woman are expecting something that may not exist with this particular person and they are ultimately doomed to fail.

So, what is a man or a woman that is looking for a foreign marriage to do? Are any of the women or agencies that populate these sites real and legitimate?

Yes, but how do you know which ones? Believe it or not, for every 100 or so unscrupulous so-called “marriage agencies” in the Former Soviet Union, there are a few real ones that provide a legitimate service to both their male and female clients. But how do you find these sites?

Unfortunately it is very difficult. Because of financial limitations, even good agencies are forced to work with these Russian Bride Factory websites so that they can attract clients to their agencies and stay afloat while doing so. The unfortunate thing is that the large website seldom funnels clients directly to these agencies, so few men ever find them.

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