Launches New Church Streaming License Launches New Church Streaming License announced that it will now offer a comprehensive license, for both song lyric copyright and streaming of songs and master recordings within an online stream, called the Church Streaming License or (CSL). CSL is a modern license that provides a solution for the needs of many of today’s churches that find themselves streaming online using multi-tracks or master recordings that require licenses for online use.
With the Church Streaming License, users can now report simply by using resources in the ecosystem and a customer’s activity will now be reported automatically rather than having to manually report which is standard practice with other licensing organizations. This automatic reporting is a “first-of-its-kind” comprehensive license that combines product usage and reporting for an all-in-one solution.
Phillip Edwards, Founder and CEO of, communicates the vision behind creating a licensing solution for the needs of today:
“For most churches, navigating the world of licensing and reporting can be very complicated. We’ve taken the complexity out of licensing by offering a single license that covers both lyric and streaming needs for churches who use”
Phillip continues, “We’re also very excited about what this sort of reporting accuracy can mean for songwriters, publishers, artists and labels. Previously, a small percentage of churches have been asked to report on behalf of a wider body of churches in a territory. For example, if less than 20% were to report in a given period, then that report will be missing over 80% of the activity. Naturally, this could lead to inaccuracies and miss a significant number of songs that could and should be reported. Our goal is to bring accurate, transparent, and comprehensive reporting across the activity on our platform.
This project also highlights collaborative efforts between Planning Center based in Carlsbad, CA and Renewed Vision, the makers of ProPresenter based in Atlanta, GA. Both companies have recently integrated elements of their platforms with to improve the reporting process for churches.
Co-Founder of Planning Center, Aaron Stewart highlights the new feature to import Planning Center setlists directly into the ecosystem, saving time and ensuring accurate reporting:
“We are really excited that is moving into the licensing space. For years we’ve wished there was a more automatic solution when it comes to licensing, so we love the fact that MultiTracks is doing it. Use their Import from Planning Center feature and that content is automatically reported. Anyone who is interested in simple and automatic reporting, go to and check out all the new features they’re putting in place to save you time.”
In the product launch video, Greg Dolezal, Co-Founder of Renewed Vision, emphasizes his support not only for the current integration, but also looks forward to the future as these three companies continue to create solutions for churches around the world.
“We couldn’t be more excited, not only about where we are today, but where the future is with that integration. We look forward to our relationship that we’ll continue to build together.”

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